Gwyneth Greer: Romance for the Tender Heart

Ol' man river...he jes' keeps rollin' along...

~~Oscar Hammerstein

 The cover for The Showboat Affair is here! 

(cover artist Tina Lynn Stout)

 The Showboat Affair has been contracted by The Wild Rose Press for the Last Rose of Summer Line 

Tentative release date: 2011


The Showboat Affair is the story of two people not yet old but no longer young. Nick Cameron, in some respects still grieving the death of his adored wife twenty years earlier. Jean Kingston, finally cut loose after thirty-three years with a faithless husband.

Like Magnolia and Ravenal, whose chance meeting results in a love that endures all difficulties, Nick and Jean also meet by accident, but their love affair is not so idyllic. From the beginning, Nick's son and Jean's daughter, though married with lives of their own, oppose their parents' romance.

Long-time friend and attorney Greg Thorne thought that Jean's divorce would remove all obstacles to his pursuit of her, but now Nick may be the one road block he can't get around--or plow through.

But the real barrier to passion and enduring love is Jean's determination to reinvent herself after a lifetime of living in the shadow of her larger-than-life ex-husband. She gave him too much too soon and received nothing in return.

Can Nick convince her that he wants her to be all that she can be--and his wife, as well? Or will their mutual children's opposition and Greg's determination to possess Jean (and her large divorce settlement) result in a less than happily-ever-after ending to their Showboat Affair?


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